Unveiling a Mythical Mystery

At Biopharm Services, our core mission is to provide insights into the “mysteries” of achieving productive, sustainable biopharma manufacturing.

At Biopharm Services, our core mission is to provide insights into the “mysteries” of achieving productive, sustainable biopharma manufacturing for academics, biomanufacturers, and suppliers alike. In this vein, we are revealing a fresh, new Biopharm brand story in 2024, which we call “Unveiling a Mythical Mystery.”

Throughout the year, we will unveil mythical creatures that are uniquely associated with our product offerings, along with a few surprises and new product launches along the way!

Our Mythical Creatures Revealed

Biopharm Services unveiling The Carp

Unveiling The Carp

Representing Biopharm Services

The Carp: Signifying Transformation

As legend has it, a powerful waterfall is located at Ryūmon-no-taki in Japan. It was believed that any Carp (koi fish) that could swim upstream and leap over the top of the waterfall would be transformed into a Dragon – the symbol of strength, power, and good fortune. This journey upstream, facing various obstacles such as waterfalls and predators, symbolizes the challenges and hardships one must overcome in life to achieve the ultimate reward: growth and evolution.

The Carp is the ideal representation of Biopharm Services, where growth is in our very nature. Like the Carp, we are never stagnant, we strive to continually improve our service to customers, to evolve our product portfolio for the betterment of bioprocessing, and to contribute to the ever-pressing needs of global sustainability through deep process modelling insights.

Biopharm Services unveiling The Tree

Unveiling The Tree

Representing BioSolve Platform

The Tree: Signifying The Source

In Tree of Life is an archetype that spans many cultures and folklores. Based on the World Tree of Norse mythology, the Tree of Life is a sacred being in which all worlds, including the world of humans and the world of the gods, nestle among its branches and roots.

We use the Tree to represent the new BioSolve platform solution from Biopharm Services. The BioSolve platform houses all our applications: BioSolve Process, BioSolve Connect, BioSolve Analytics, and more.

Biopharm Services Unveiling The Dragon

Unveiling The Dragon

Representing BioSolve Process

The Dragon: Signifying Power

Far different from the fire-breathing dragons of the West, Dragons of Eastern folklore are powerful creatures that represent strength, power, benevolence and wisdom. They have the ability to morph into any shape or size, symbolizing transformation and adaptability. Their fierce appearance represents a fusion of several animals, with wings like the carp’s tail fins, the snake’s body, the eagle’s talons, and the deer’s horns.

We use the Dragon to represent BioSolve Process, the leading in silico modeling tool for bioprocessing. Like the Dragon, BioSolve Process fuses all bioprocess unit operations into a powerful, informed model with the ability to transform your biomanufacturing.

BioSolve Process

Biopharm Services unveiling The Unicorn

Unveiling The Unicorn

Representing BioSolve Connect

The Unicorn: Signifying Knowledge

In European folklore, the one-horned Unicorn is so magical that its horn can counteract poisons.

Known as the “kirin” in Japanese folklore, the Unicorn is described as a creature of purity and represents future prosperity and fortune.

We use the Unicorn the represent BioSolve Connect – a tool that helps clients manage their bioprocess knowledge in a purely collaborative manner. Through proper knowledge management, prosperity will come to their business.

BioSolve Connect

Biopharm Services unveiling The White Tiger

The White Tiger

Representing BioSolve Analytics

The Tiger: Signifying Wisdom

“If you do not enter the tiger’s cave, you will not get a tiger’s cub,” which loosely translates to “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” In Japanese mythology, the Byakko, or White Tiger, is associated with the element of metal and the season of autumn. He represents the virtue of righteousness and high intelligence, bringing forth wisdom and insight. He bears the character 王 (meaning “king”) on his forehead, a testament to his status as King of the wild beasts.

BioSolve Analytics is our application that provides BioSolve Process end-users deeper insights through optimized modelling and visualized data. We therefore use the Tiger to represent BioSolve Analytics.

BioSolve Analytics